Virginie Robilliard et Bruno Robilliard

De Baudelaire à Proust - CD 2016

~ Fauré, Franck, Debussy.

Editions Hortus

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Virginie Robilliard - Orquestra Sinfónica municipal de Caracas

Orquesta Sinfónica municipal de Caracas, Venezuela

Serie Grande Solistas - DVD


1ère partie
2ème partie

Director Artistico Rodolfo Saglimbeni

Virginie Robilliard, Peter Szabo & Frederic Vaysse-Knitter

2 Trios - CD 2010

~ Johannes Brahms & Antonin Dvorak.

Hungaroton Classics

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"It takes only a minute or so before you realize this will be a wonderful performance of Brahms. It is rich and warm, and the varying moods are all beautifully captured. It is fiery in the finale and tenderly romantic in the adagio. The string players have well matched sounds, and their phrasing is very well worked out. Little details, where the players have to match things like trills and terminations, are unusually fine." American Record Guide

Virginie Robilliard & Bruno Robilliard

Sonates pour Violon & Piano - CD

~ Schumann, Fauré, Robilliard.

Les nuits musicales du Palais
La Grande Motte

Editions XCP

OBSESSION Robilliard

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Paul Desenne, The Two Seasons (of the Caribbean Tropics) (2003) ca. 22’

Concerto for violin, strings and harpsichord

Paul Desenne Sonata for violin solo dedicated to Virginie Robilliard, 1998

1. Spiral Capriccio from 0'00''

2. Epaves (Shipwrecks) from 3'47''

3. The Worm's Belly Dance (Danza del vientre del gusano)

4. Andante yon Yopo / Alegrias from 2'18''

Paul Desenne The Two Seasons (of the Caribbean Tropics) 2003, Concerto for Violin, Strings and Harpsichord 22’


Invierno / Rainy season :

1. Goteras (Roof Leaks)

2. Coquiloquio (Frog Assembly)

3. Wipers Gigavalse/Deslave (Wipers Gigavalse/Landslide)

Verano / Dry season :

4. Noche del grillo transformado (Night of the Transfigured Cricket)

5. Cumbion tostao (Big Toasted Cumbia)

6. Polo quemao (Burnt Polo - Venezuelan song form)

Virginie Robilliard, violin with the Orchestra of the Mozarteum Foundation, conducted by Olivier Grangean

Virginie Robillard & Ricardo Castro

Elgar - Salut d'Amour pour violon et piano

Virginie Robillard & Carlos Duarte

Arvö Part Spiegel um Spiegel

Concerto N°3 pour violon et orchestre de Camille Saint-Saens, Op.61

Olivier Grangean director

Orquesta Filarmonica Nacional Caracas 2001



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