Virginie Robilliard, sitio web oficial.


Virginie Robilliard next concert dates :


Norway, Oslo, October 14th at 7.00 pm at the CAK (Center of African Culture)- Choc et Fusion with a creation of Pierre Thilloy.



Switzerland, Lausanne: November 8th at 12.15 am at the Haute Ecole de Musique (HEMU) - Bach Recital for violin solo.



AIvory Coast, Abidjan: November 17th at 8.00 pm at the French Institute - Choc and Fusion.


"Miss Robilliard's technique and command of color were impressive."

Nuevos conciertos :


In 2016


France, Bayon sur Gironde, August 13th at 6 pm - Choc et Fusion's concert with Thomas Guei at Falfas castle with the Flam Festival.



Francia, Alsace, del 28 de julio al 6 de agosto - Clases magistrales en el Musicalta Festival.



Spain, Barcelona, July 24th at 8 pm and 10 pm - Choc and Fusion's concert at the Jamboree.



Espania, Barcelona, Sabado 23 de julio a las 17.00 - Casa Plaza Real, recital de Bach para violin solo en el festival BACHCELONA.



France, Dieulefit, July 15th and 16th at 9 pm - Concert at Dieu-Le-Fit's church, Bach concerto for violin and orchestra with David Louwerse and François Daudet.

Beethoven, Schubert and Brahm's trio.



France, Ault, July 3rd at 8 pm - Trio concert at the Ault's church with David Louwerse and François Daudet.

Beethoven-Schubert and Brahms.



France, Paris, June 12th - We R Ocean 24 hours meditation for the water at the Grand Rex.



France, Saint Denis, May 20th at 17 pm - Choc and Fusion's concert at the Nuit de l'optimisme event.



France, Monts du Jura, May 14th at 2 pm - Bach Recital for solo violin at the Festival World Sacred Music in the Val de Consolation's chapel.



France, Valence-sur-Baïse, April 24th at 3.30 pm - Trio concert at the Flaran's abbaye with David Louwerse and François Daudet.

Haydn, Schubert and Brahms.



France, Moustiers Sainte Marie, April 15th at 8.30 pm - Conference/Concert on Bach's Chaconne with Jean-Pierre Vayssaire at the Ségriès Monastery.



United States, March 3rd at 7.30 pm - Soloist concert with the Alabama Symphonic Orchestra and Carlos Izcaray at the Jemison Concert Hall.
Paul Desenne, 2 seasons written and dedicated to Virginie Robilliard.



Africa, Abidjan, February 20th at 8 pm - Choc and Fusion's concert, violin-djembé at the CNAC Treichville theater with Thomas Guei.



In 2015



London - November 14th: Choc and Fusion with Thomas Guei at 18.30 at the building center, 26 store street.


France - Paris November 1st at the Grand Rex, 24 hours meditation for the earth "24".

Bach Chaconne


Israël - Tel Aviv, Master Classes at the Raanana Music Center from September 27th to October 4th.

Huberman week Raanana Music Center


France - Hontanx, September 26th at 14.00 at the Castel's Chapelle of Ravignan.

Bach recital for violin solo.


France - Dordogne September 18th at 20.30, recital violin and piano with Bruno Robilliard at the Saint Agne's church.

French sonatas, Fauré, Debussy and Franck


France - Festival Flam (avec le link merci): August 8th at 18.00, citadelle de Blaye, duo cello and violin with David Louwerse.

Ravel-Kodaly and Mendelssohn octet


France - Savoie: August 2nd at 15.00, recital violin and piano with Bruno Robilliard at the Bonneval church in Tarentaise.

French sonatas by Fauré, Debussy and Franck


Merida - july 23rd, Brahms concerto with the Merida Symphonic Orchestra and Christophe Talmont.


Venezuela - july 11th, Brahms concerto with the Municipal orchestra in Caracas with Rodolfo Samglibeni.


Peru, gira de conciertos con el duo Choc y Fusion, violin-djembé con Thomas Guei

  • El 20 de junio a las 22.00 en el teatro Municipal de Trujillo
  • El 19 de junio a las 19.00 al centro cultural de la alianza francesa en Chiclayo
  • El 18 de junio a las 19.30 en la alianza francesa de Piura


Rumania - Concert tour as a soloist with Brahms concerto in D major with Zsolt Janko, conductor :

  • Odorheiu Secuiest - May 31st, 18.00 at the Art Center.
  • Oradea - June 4th, 19.00 at the Philarmonic Hall with the Oradea State Philarmony orchestra.


France - May 24th, 20.00, chamber music concert in Ault with David Louwerse and François Daudet.


Africa - Concert tour with Choc and Fusion in Kenya, Rwanda and Ouganda :

  • Kampala, may 12th at the Sheraton Hotel, 19.30
  • Kigali, may 9th at the French Institut, 19.30
  • Nairobi, may 6th at the French Alliance, 19.00


France - March 6th at 20.30, Bach concertos with the Claroscuro ensamble in Jean Renoir's Hall.


Algéria - Concert tour with Choc and Fusion, duo Violin-djembé with Thomas Guei :

  • Oran, february 5th at the Municipal Theater at 18.00
  • Tlemcen, february 7th at the French Institut at 20.30


France - January 12th concert-conference with Laurent Gounelle at the Folies Bergères at 20.30 in Paris.


In 2014



El 6 de agosto a las 21.00 en el Festival Cordes et Pics in France, iglesia Albanne recital de violin y piano con Bruno Robilliard
Sonatas de Brahms, Grieg y Fauré



El 10 de agosto a las 16.00 en el Festival Flam (France) concierto en Blaye con François Daudet (piano)
Sonata de Franck y concert de Chausson para violin y piano solo y cuarteto de cuerdas



El 17 de agosto en Curaçao a las 11.00 am en La belle Alliance recital de flauta, violin y piano con Cécile y Bruno Robilliard
Sonatas de Bach, Poulenc, Grieg y Fauré



El 19 de agosto en Curaçao a las 18.00 en La Belle Alliance recital de violin y piano con Bruno Robilliard
Integrale de las sonatas de Brahms


London Master-Class at the Royal Academy  on january 23rd


England Sibelius concerto with the Cambridge University Orchestra and Carlos Izcaray on march 8th

Carlos Izcaray conducts CUMS Symphony Orchestra


Suiza, Lausanne, concierto con orquesta de cámara y Johanna Hernandez en las 2 estaciones de Paul Desenne el 14 de marzo a las 20.30 en el Casino de Montbenon.


Alemania Berlin, concierto por la Paz y la Libertad en Venezuela el 16 de marzo a las 6 de la tarde en la iglesia Emmaus Kirche Kreuzberg.


France  Chausson poème and Ravel Tzigane with the Chamber Orchestra of « La Nouvelle Europe » on March 23rd with Nicolas Krauze in Bois-Colombes



France concert with the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra with Gilles Colliard. Creation in France of Paul Desenne « 2 seasons » Piazzola and Vivaldi, April 15th and 16th at the auditorium St Pierre and April 23rd and 24th at Tournefeuille.



Clases magistrales en Italia con I-Classical Academy del 12 al 14 de mayo.


Francia Castillo de Chambord,recital para violin solo de BACH en la capilla del castillo à las 14.00 el 17 de mayo.


Gira en un crusero con sciences et avenir en el barco Costa Classica.

Escocia, recital para violin y piano el 3 de junio con Katia Nemirovitch, Haendel, Mendelssohn, Franck, Ravel tzigane.

Noruega, recital para violin y piano con Katia Nemirovitch, Bach, Chopin, Schumann, Grieg.


In 2013



France Mozart Symphonie concertante with Gérard Caussé and the Chamber Orchestra of La Nouvelle Europe with Nicolas Krauze on january 20th in Bois-Colombes


France Master Class in Normandie from March 1st to 8th

Paris Television on channel France 5 on March 11th called « Parlons Passion »


Equador Sibelius concerto with the Symphonic Orchestra of Loja with Andrea Vela on april 25th and 26th


Summer Festivals


France recital for violin solo and cello with David Louwerse in Ault on may 17th
Bach Glière Kodaly


France recital for violin and piano with my brother Bruno Robilliard in Le Château de Longpra, Isère on july 6th. Beethoven Paganini Liszt and Fauré


France Master Class from july 7th to 18th in Las Canals, Marcillac


France Master Class in Musique en Graves in Bordeaux from july 22th to 27th


France Creation Eve Noire written by Virginie Aster for violin and african percussions at the Festival Cordes et Pics in Savoie on August 5th


Barcelona, recital for solo violin at the Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno MEAM, September 28th at 6pm. Bach, Aster, Paganini, improvisation


Buenos Aires  St-Saëns concerto N°3 at the Teatro Colon on October 24th, with Enrique Diemecke and the Academic Orchestra of the Colon theater


Argentina Recital with piano and string quartet at the Teatro el Circulo en Rosario on November 4th. Chausson concert with Pierre Blanchard and Franck sonata


Argentina  St-Saëns concerto N°3 with the Symphonic Orchestra of  Rosario on November 7th


Argentina Festival in Purmamarca with the Symphonic Orchestra of Tucuman on November 16th